Who we are

Dose of Society is a socially powered video platform for fresh, unheard voices with a mission to share amazing stories from ‘real’ people with real stories’; talk about challenging subjects and take conversations out of the usual silos.

Since launching in October 2017, we have generated over 18m+ views, 40k+ online followers with 200k+ in engagement. Our motto: real people, real stories encapsulates the essence of what we do. We focus on human centric content and the conversation is always lead by people. Change starts with real people, hence Dose of Society is powered by our community.

Why did DOS start? We are the most socially connected generation ever, yet so many people with amazing stories are unheard; we are still segregated; overly sensitized to opposing views and struggle to have honest conversations outside of our own bubbles.

We aim to create:

  • Conversations, dialogue and understanding, allowing people to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • The next generation of changemakers, enabling future leaders to be heard whilst creating a community that together, breaks down social barriers and shares fresh new voices.

With our community, we are changing what and how stories are told.

Our team

Ahmed Faid – Founder

Founder and CEO of Dose of Society

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Nii Lartey – Co-Founder

COO of Dose of Society

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